Quiet couple of weeks

A dead tree I quite fancy painting.

A dead tree I quite fancy painting.

I’ve been a bit lax in putting up any additional blog posts or videos recently, this is down to a few personal reasons. However, at the moment I am working on improving my RepRap and investigating methods of finishing prints to remove the layer lines as far as possible. I’m hoping to do a short video on that in the next week comparing sanding and using a commercial resin kit.

I’ve also got a comparison between cura and slic3r in the works. The difference between these has really amazed me, so I think it’s worth taking some time to review the two! I’ve also started documenting the temperature settings I’ve been using for various filaments in my RepRap 3D printer, which can be found here. More on the 3d printing front to come shortly.

I’ve also added painting a picture of this dead tree to my to do list. I don’t know why but it really appeals to me.


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